How our manufactory design and works with handmade creations

  • In 2005, Aydın El Sanatları ; was founded by Fatih Aydın in Istanbul, Karaköy and first retail store opened in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. In a short period, 3 more stores opened in historical peninsula of Istanbul.
  • In 2007, we chose “Myth Arts” for our brand because our every single piece has its own unique story to tell; it has a soul and a mythological story. Myth Arts products were produced as private label in Kütahya.
  •  In 2008, we recieved our first export order from U.A.E. and till 2016  Myth Arts products were sold to more then 250 sales points in Turkey and exported to more then 30 countries all over the world. 
  • In 2016, we founded our own hand made ceramic factory in Kutahya Industrial Zone, with a 5000 square meter covered area. We enlarged our own production capacity and product range with our own.


  • Now , we produce all the steps of production from raw material to the store packed product at the same place. Producing our own glaze, clay and ingredints made us to produce hand made turkish ceramics with brilliant colors but also able to daily use & food safe to serve food with hand made ceramics. Altough, we use modern technology, the preservation of the integrity and soul of each object is of utmost importance. We have remained loyal to the traditional production methods of the Anatolia from B.C. 2000 to today - focusing on quality, history, beauty, and detail.
  • Tableworks, our new brand; was founded in 2016 in order to use our unique hand made ceramics everyday in the day life. We focused to produce table tops prouducts such as dinner sets, coffee sets, breakfast sets for with the magnificent colors and designs of Anatolia. They are all produced by hand and unique pieces for homes.  
  • Today we are the largest hand made ceramic manufacturer and exporter of Turkey with exporting to more then 30 countries every year to all parts of the world from South America to China in addition to our sales to Turkish.
  • Everybody is welcome to our factory in who wants to see the Anatolian hand made ceramic production.