13cm Gondola Bowl Relief





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Handmade Ceramic Presentation and Treat Production: Our Myth Arts handmade ceramic plates are indispensable for tables as dessert plates, dinner plates, serving plates and fruit plates. With its unique patterns, eye-catching colors and personalized handmade production, Kütahya tile is exported all over the world. Relief plates in different sizes, merbase plates, square plates and farmers’ plates introduce Kütahya tile and Iznik tile patterns to the whole world. Myth Arts is Turkey’s largest manufacturer of handmade ceramic tableware and ceramic souvenirs with a wide variety of colors, patterns and models of handmade ceramic dessert plates, ceramic dinner plates, ceramic serving plates and ceramic fruit plates. Unique Production: Unique handmade ceramic production, which is completely handmade, unique to the illustrator and the painter, with small differences from each other, all of which are unique. Hard Ceramic: In the light of special recipes developed with long-term R&D studies in cooperation with Myth Arts and academia, it is fired twice at 1050° degrees.