18cm Floral Trivet Pastel





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Handmade Ceramic Gift and Accessory Production: Myth Arts is indispensable for handmade ceramic gifts and accessories. With its unique patterns, eye-catching colors and personalized handmade production, Kütahya tile is exported all over the world. Myth Arts is Turkey’s largest manufacturer of handmade ceramic tableware and ceramic souvenirs. Unique Production: Unique handmade ceramic production, which is completely handmade, unique to the illustrator and the painter, with small differences from each other, all of which are unique. Hard Ceramic: High durability by firing twice at 1050° in the light of special recipes developed with long-term R&D studies in cooperation with Myth Arts and academia. Suitable for Table Use: Handmade ceramic production in accordance with food use and dishwasher with international laboratory test approval. Impressive Colors and Patterns: In our pattern and design works, we are primarily fed by the patterns of Iznik Tile and Kütahya Tile, as well as Seljuk, Byzantine and Hittite period ceramics.